We offer variety of services.
Please have a look how we can provide you with effective solutions below.

Among the many services that Bucks Decorating specializes in is painting. We have a pool of professional painters who can expertly add a fresh coat – or two, or three – of paint on your walls. We take on both commercial and residential jobs, and no project is considered too big or too small. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to renovate your house or give a new look to your office, so book the services of our Bucks painting team right now!

Homeowners and office managers can rely on Buckingham Decorating for their wallpapering needs. Our Bucks refurbishment team can handle the dirty work of wallpapering – starting from the removal of the old paper to lining the wall, installation to applying treatments. Whether you have a traditional, textured, elegant, silk paper, handmade, fabric, or paper-backed vinyl paper, you can rest assured that the material will be put properly and smoothly, making your beautiful walls last for a good number of years.

Bucks Decorating also offers plastering services. Plaster is a mortar coating applied on inside walls to make them smooth. As compared to rough walls, plastered walls are easier to clean, look better and can be painted or wallpapered. It also serves to make the interior of a house or office fire resistant. You can rely on Bucks Decorating’s plastering services to handle this somewhat tricky job for you, with professional results.

For new construction or home renovation projects, you can rely on Buckinghamshire Decorating’s tiling services. Our Bucks refurbishment experts are skilled at laying out, cutting, and installing tiles – both for walls and floors. We understand how important precision is when it comes to tiling so we pay utmost attention to detail, leaving you extremely satisfied with the results of our work.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, Bucks Decorating is a name you can trust when it comes to general building work. Whether it’s a small office or a huge house, we have a team of Bucks refurbishment professionals who can build a structure from the ground up, lay out a solid foundation, and perform finishing tasks. Affordable prices, close attention to detail, high quality standards, tidiness and cleanliness are the benefits that you will enjoy when trusting us with general building work for your home or office.

Houses or commercial buildings which are several years old would have problems with gutters and drainpipes. Here at Buckinghamshire Decorating, we can perform an efficient repair of your gutters and drainpipes. You can rely on our team of Bucks refurbishment experts to stop those leaks, unblock those gutters, redirect those downpipes, and perform any other repairs and maintenance tasks as needed.

Finally, Bucks Decorating offers design consulting services. We have been in the business since 2001 and we have served hundreds of residential and commercial customers in and out of Buckinghamshire. We offer free estimates, use Personal Protective Equipment, and finish all design and construction jobs while sticking to Health and Safety regulations. Be it a small room design project or a renovation for an entire commercial building, Buckinghamshire Decorating is here to help you out.

Do you need a shelf to fill up with recipe books in your kitchen, a stunning stairwell going to your master bedroom, or custom-made furniture pieces for a specific room in your house? Bucks Decorating offers bespoke furniture services so that you can have kitchen, bathroom or other home furniture pieces designed and made to suit your lifestyle. Our Buckinghamshire refurbishment staff are highly skilled in customizing furniture pieces, so that you can have a one-of-a-kind home.

Sometimes, adding a simple coving solution will make all the difference in altering the look of your home’s interiors. Buckinghamshire Decorating efficiently handles coving jobs, as well as the installation of cornices. What’s the difference between the two? Coving is a type of moulding uniform in profile, and has a simpler design than a cornice. Bucks Decorating has over ten years’ experience in the home remodelling, building, and renovation industry so you can rest assured that we can efficiently handle such wall installation jobs – be it covings or cornices.

Wood, laminate, vinyl or some other type of material? Whether you’re in the process of building a home from scratch or if you are simply renovating an existing structure, the installation of flooring material is a job best left to the pros. This is where Buckinghamshire Decorating comes in. Whichever material you end up installing on your home floors, it will be installed on time, on budget and with quality to last you for practically a lifetime. What more can you ask for?